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The Re-Real international real estate portal is a unique platform for real estate market participants from many countries of the world. Real estate agencies, realtors, construction companies, owners of residential and commercial real estate and, of course, your potential buyers use the portal services every day.

The Re-Real portal is a network of interconnected websites that publish information in 12 languages. Each website is being separately and actively promoted in search engines in its respective language area. The portal is continuously developing its network by covering new language areas and expanding its geographic footprint. We have recently launched a website for the Chinese audience. Real estate professionals are aware that over the past 10 years China has been demonstrating a continuous increase in investments in real estate outside of China. For example, the amount of funds invested in real estate in 2017 increased by 18% compared to 2016 and summed up to approximately 120 billion US dollars. 2018 was also marked by similar growth; the volume of investments in foreign residential and commercial property from Chinese investors in 2018 was variously estimated at from 128 to 133 billion dollars.

Over the past three years, the US investors, who are actively purchasing real estate in Europe, have demonstrated great potential as well. The websites of our portal are available in the USA, China, Russia and a number of other countries. There is a representative office of the portal in each region, where, if necessary, buyers can be provided consultations by native speakers and competent real estate professionals.

Each website provides descriptions of your real estate in the native language of its users, which is an important factor for potential buyers. The websites are constantly being filled with unique and valuable content, such as information about the rules of purchase, potential difficulties, taxation in the region of interest, or educational materials describing the advantages and benefits of the region where the real estate is located.

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