International Real Estate Portal

The benefits that we offer

We introduce you a modern portal for real estate agencies; potential buyers from Europe and the rest of the world are waiting for your real estate!

What you lose:

• A few minutes of your time to get acquainted with our website;
• 150 or 350 euros per year, depending on the chosen plan.

What you gain:

• Your real estate will be presented to a huge audience from all over the world, including buyers from the USA, China, Canada and Australia;
• Visitors of the websites can read descriptions of your real estate in their native language. All ads are translated into foreign languages, at no additional charge;
• Our support team automatically uploads ads to the portal websites, without any additional payment from you;
• A wide range of presentation formats for the items from your listings;
• Our portal is optimized to work in any browser and on all types of devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, mobile phones);
• The websites of the portal have a convenient real estate search system. The "Item details" page contains a mortgage calculator for estimating loan payments, and automatically detected location of the real estate on GoogleMaps;
• We do not "steal" the customer; the customer contacts the owner of the property directly. All contact information of the agency or realtor (including phone numbers, email and website links) is displayed directly in the description for each real estate item.
• Low ad publication prices; there are discounts and special offers for regular customers;
• Comprehensive marketing solutions and modern sales technologies, such as direct mailing to the customers from our databases, contextual advertising, social media publications, video advertising on YouTube channel (depending on the chosen tariff plan).

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