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Answers to the questions

In what format should an agency submit its real estate database?

In any kind of format! It can be an XML feed or xlsx, xls, csv tables. Or you can simply send us a website address, our specialists will extract all the necessary data themselves.

Is it possible to post photos of the property with watermarks?

Yes, it is. There are no restrictions on the format of your photos.

Whom will a buyer interested in your real estate contact?

A potential buyer will contact the representative of the agency that published the ad or the owner of the property. Contact information is available in the property description. You provide your contact information to our professionals and they publish it.

How many photos of the property can you upload?

The system can process 8 photos maximum.

What information should your database include?

Name, internal identifier of the property, description, type of property, cost, country, city, province (if any), address of the real estate (optional), floor area, land area (if any), number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, parking space (yes or no), elevator (yes or no), swimming pool (yes or no), air conditioning (yes or no), name of the agency, address of the agency, email and website of the agency.

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