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Buy property on the Costa Blanca

The appeal of the Kingdom of Spain lies in its perfect location, exceptional climate, good ecology and the best combination of property cost and quality. Real estate is not the only thing we offer; we also offer you a lifestyle.

Acquisition of property on the Costa Blanca is a multi-stage process. This serious process requires studying and advance preparation. The procedure can be divided into 4 parts:

1. Viewing real estate options in our catalog. Selection of preferred options, departure to Spain for their inspection, evaluation and reservation.

2. Preparation for the transaction includes obtaining a foreigner identification number, opening an account with a bank in the Kingdom of Spain and signing a preliminary contract. If you want to take a mortgage to purchase real estate, you should go through a certain procedure. Conditions for obtaining a loan here are the same for residents and non-residents.

3. The acquired real estate on the Costa Blanca will pass to you legally after you enter into the transaction, pay all required taxes and register the ownership.

4. Property ownership gives you the right to obtain a multivisa and to pay taxes and utility bills. You can use your property as you see fit.

The Costa Blanca is literally translated as the White Coast. It stretches along the Mediterranean coast of Murcia and Valencia. The center of this resort region is Alicante. Among diverse Spanish coasts, the Costa Blanca has the warmest climate. It has the highest number of sunny days a year and a long swimming season. Local beaches are covered with fine white sand. Almost all resort areas near the sea are awarded the Blue Flag status.

Buy property on the Costa Blanca

This is the place where foreigners from all countries seek to buy property in Spain. The reasons include the following: the optimal combination of real estate quality, living conditions and low prices compared to European prices in resort areas. On average, an apartment on the Costa Blanca will cost you 50-60 thousand euros, and a comfortable house – 130,000 euros.

If you are planning to buy inexpensive property on the Costa Blanca, you should consider the southern part of the region. You can buy resale property in Alicante and Pilar de la Horadada for 30-50 thousand euros. Those, who appreciate picturesque nature, should consider options in the North of the Costa Blanca, from Gandia to Benidorm. Prices there are higher than on the South coast.

Buying property on the Costa Blanca means investing money profitably. You can buy beautiful villas and mansions with parking space and all necessary amenities at a low price. Spain is a beautiful country with a wonderful climate. The locals are warm-hearted and kind. Property prices are continuously rising each year, so it would be wise to consider the offered options right now.

And on the contrary, in some areas there are so many offers of resale property, that the sellers are forced to reduce prices. Do not miss your opportunity to purchase a villa at a discount. Torrevieja resort city on the Costa Blanca, known as the "Russian capital of Spain", is the most popular city among Russian buyers. It has the lowest real estate prices – from 50 to 60 thousand euros. There are many offers of pledged property in this part of the coast. Such property is quickly sold out, but it always requires repairs. Therefore, pay attention to the final cost of resale property, which may ultimately increase.

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