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Buy property in Valencia

Valencia, known as the bronze capital of Spain, is the third most important city after Madrid and Barcelona. The main advantage of property in Valencia is its proximity to the sea. Property prices in this area are considered the most adequate and start at 50-60 thousand euros.

Real estate in Valencia is considered the most inexpensive in the Kingdom of Spain. It is the beloved city of foreigners, who appreciate good transport accessibility, reasonable prices for products and services, the beautiful sea and mild climate. Valencia is not among the places where prices are rising due to increased demand and interest from wealthy foreign investors.

We will help you to buy property in Spain at the best prices, in the best areas, taking into account customer preferences. We provide complex professional support in real estate transactions and business planning and concierge services.

Buy property in Valencia

You should know that Valencia actually has three interrelated administrative entities:

1. Autonomous community, consisting of the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

2. Valencia community with its capital city of Valencia.

3. The million-plus city located on the Mediterranean coast.

Buying real estate in Valencia is not as easy as it seems at first glance. There are many pitfalls when choosing property. It is better not to take risks for an inexperienced buyer and seek help from professionals.

Recently, there has been a growing demand for real estate in the residential sector of Valencia and its suburbs. This is due to the fact that the Spanish authorities support the foreign investment policy. Obtaining a residence permit in Spain has become simpler for non-residents. Apartments and houses in Alicante are in high demand. A lot of residential buildings are under construction on the coast of the province of Castellón, and as a result we can see new resort cities like Marina Dor appear and attract investors from abroad.

The reasons for purchasing real estate in Valencia:

• It is close to the Mediterranean sea, it has a great climate and calm atmosphere.

• It is a place of mixed cultures. Immigrants from all over the world gather here, which makes it possible for foreigners to immediately feel like locals rather than guests in a strange land.

• The city has a rich history, excellent educational system and many residential property options.

• It boasts of one of the best transport links in Spain and offers modern service and financial sustainability.

• It has diverse social and cultural life. Every year the city hosts festivals and holidays of global scale.

• Experts recognize Valencia as the best city to live in Spain.

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