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Buy property in Cyprus

Our company offers you qualified assistance and support in real estate sale, purchase and taxation issues in Cyprus. We offer transaction support services and free selection of various types of real estate within the portal database.

In 2013, Cyprus received financial assistance from the European Commission, the Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund on the security of bank deposits. This move has restored the trust in the banking system and attracted many foreign investors to the country.

Property in Cyprus has become popular due to the developed infrastructure, information and communication technologies, good location of the country and comfortable living conditions. Double tax treaties with 60 countries allows for a profitable investment of funds on the island.

Dual citizenship is legal in the state. Low taxes and a salutary climate contribute to the fact that foreign citizens seek to buy real estate in Cyprus and get numerous benefits by doing so. The government of Cyprus offers attractive terms for obtaining citizenship to investors in order to develop the economy and make it possible for the economy of Cyprus to fully recover from the crisis.

Buy property in Cyprus

Obtaining Cyprus citizenship by investment is part of the official government program and a quick way to obtain a European Union passport. The procedure for the conclusion of a contract when buying property is becoming simpler. The program allows you to make a good investment with the prospect of gaining profit from the lease. The owner of the property becomes a citizen of united Europe and gets all benefits and rights of the European Union.

Our company offers you to buy property in Cyprus on favorable terms. The main task of our team is to create a lifestyle for people who want to move to the island. Buying property in Cyprus is only the first step towards obtaining a comfortable and safe place to live.

Our clients can count on guaranteed legal support and assistance in working with various financial institutions. We help our clients to resolve all issues related to moving to the island.

Why is it worth buying property in Cyprus?

● Your own house or apartment on the island is a reflection of high social status and the opportunity to earn stable income from rental property.

● The property in Cyprus that belongs to foreigners is protected by law. Property rights are strictly protected in the country. In case of political instability, the status of the investor remains inviolable.

Unique tax conditions allow for minimizing taxes when buying and selling real estate. The opportunity to obtain a residence permit can be viewed as an additional benefit.

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