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Real estate across the globe

The Re-Real international real estate portal offers you the best residential and commercial real estate from around the world at the most reasonable prices. Our customers have the opportunity to purchase residential property anywhere in the world, both for permanent residence and for holidays or sojourning. In addition, the websites of the the Re-Real company always have relevant offers on the most sought-after areas for the investors. Our real estate database contains investment targets for making profit from the market capitalization of any type of real estate, or earning income from renting out.

The main objective of Re-Real is to help people find the best real estate at the best prices all over the world!

The Re-Real portal is a high-precision tool that allows owners or agencies to find interested buyers for the offered property in the shortest possible time.

Choosing real estate for personal or investment purposes is a challenging and responsible task. It is important not only to determine your exact needs and what criteria you consider to be your priority, but also to examine specifics of the region, analyze its terms of taxation and learn about the public utility services provided to the property... The portal regularly publishes detailed and up-to-date information on its pages.

A wide range of real estate

A variety of offers to fit any budget and taste — from affordable studios to high-end villas. Liquid real estate for both personal use and investment

Wide partner network

We cooperate with real estate agencies and realtors from around the world. Our partners are major developers and construction companies

Real estate from all over the world

Our catalog features real estate from more than 60 countries. The most popular areas and properties with great potential

Comprehensive solutions

Millions of Internet and social media users will see your real estate ads. Modern Internet marketing sales technologies

Target audience

We are ready to shorten the path from the seller to the real buyer. Our work is focused on analysis of the client database and studying interests of potential investors

The benefits that we offer

To the visitors of the portal

- an extensive catalog of real estate;
- property offered exclusively by owners, construction companies, developers, banks, or large and reputable real estate companies;
- low prices due to the fact that there are no extra margins and fees;
- simple and user-friendly filtering and sorting system, which allows you to directly choose the best options accordingto your preference.

To the realtors and agencies

- interested visitors from almost all countries of the world – versions of the website are available in all popular domain zones;
- buyers will read your ads in their native language. All real estate descriptions are translated into 12 languages;
- new real estate items can be added to the catalogs of the portal quickly and easily;
- convenient and favorable terms of cooperation;
- an individual approach – you can negotiate with us!

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